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Story Behind Beautiful Target MV

 Music Video Filming Story
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III. Interview (About it B1A4)
Q. Sales of your second mini-album has started. Please introduce to us your title track 'Beautiful Target'.
Jinyoung: As with the title, it is a beautiful target, a person of the opposite sex that you like. The context of the song is that because of this person, I can't seem to breathe, and I seem to melt - and for he or she to accept the love. You will understand when you take a look at the lyrics, it is strong, distinctive and very memorable. I think the public will like it more as they sing along the words with interesting nuances, such as 'zoom zoom, boom boom, soom soom (breathe), like it like it, gotta shoot'. Also, this song was from an idea suggested by CNU and Baro - "My heart for the opposite sex I like is zoom zooming through, just like a rocket taking off", hence we feel even more attached to it.
Q. The album title is unique. What is the meaning of 'it B1A4'?
CNU: It means to become the centre of attention, to become a hot topic. With a color and charm that belongs to only B1A4, we hope to receive love from many and spread our music far and wide. Also, it is also the abbreviation of 'It's the B1A4', that this is B1A4 and if it's not done by B1A4 it won't work, that it must only be B1A4.
Q. It is a rare case for rookie singers to have their self-composed song to be included in their debut album. Is there a self-composed song included on this album as well?
Jinyoung: Yes, my self-composed song is included in the album this time as well. With 'Bling Girl' in the previous album, I composed and wrote lyrics. But with 'Wonderful Tonight', I also edited the song. To see the end result of something I've worked on in my spare time over this period makes me really satisfied, and in future I will work harder and have more complete music with better standards to let everyone listen to. Also, CNU and Baro helped a lot in the making of this song. Similarly with the previous album, it's a song that I did not accomplish alone. The members give me ideas and opinions by my side, and it was only possible with their participation. To the members who even when tired out after practice, if I request for a song guide, they would agree readily, I'm really thankful.

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Q. Tell us about an episode that happened during the filming of 'Beautiful Target''s music video.
Baro: As you can see from the music video, there is a scene where CNU comes out wearing a red jumper. That outfit had buttons of every shape and size attached on, and it was really heavy. We took turns to put it on, and it was about 3kg. CNU hyung wore that outfit and filmed, but whenever he made a gesture, a button would fall off. After CNU hyung was done with his filming and we looked at the floor, it was filled with buttons, and it was really funny.
Gongchan: In the music video, Sandeul hyung appears as a paramedic who arrives by ambulance. Sandeul hyung had to drive the ambulance himself, but since he didn't have a driving license, he did not know what to do. But we found that the ambulance is not a real car, but it was a toy car for children where he just had to step on the pedal and it'll move. Even though Sandeul hyung looks like he is really good at driving, but in reality, his two feet were really busy below.
Q. Please tell us about your future plans.
Sandeul: We'll be starting activites for our second mini album. We'll be able to meet many people through TV, radio, public broadcasts and fansigns. With a more mature look than with the first album, we'll show it all to you, so please always watch over and cheer us on. Let's Fly B1A4! Thank you!
Source: Naver Music
Translations: skipfire, 진영할배 @ FLIGHTB1A4.COM
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