Saturday, April 30, 2011

i miss the old UKISS :'(

“We are UKISS~!”
AlBum. (‘:

How cute can they be? ^-^
“I wanna get my nails done~”
“Gotta pedicureeeeeeee~”
“Or go shopping and get my hair done~”
“arhhhhhh, you know what i mean huh.”

source : ikiss-ukiss tumblr

UKISS in Thailand GIFs

“Sawasdeekrub~ We are U-Kiss!”


Kevin introduced himself in Thai. (:

“Hoon imnida~”

Er AJ…? ^^;

*nods nods nods*

Soohyun what are you doing…

I think Dongho was bored.

and maybe Kiseop too? xD

source : ikiss-ukiss tumblr 

Hoon @ HyunYoung’s Hope Song at Noon Radio GIFs

source : ikiss-ukiss tumblr

WHO i am with my bias ^^~

  • Where I dream about my bias sleeping next to me and we’re playing around, cuddling and whatnot..

    But then I realize its just pretend and that he’s not really there.

    And so I get upset and start to get emotional.

    But I calm down and I’m like, “It’s ok, you can still dream” so then I get all happy again.

    So I give him a pretend kiss goodnight ♥

    And then I fall asleep smiling (:

    source : ikiss-ukiss tumblr 

Friday, April 29, 2011