Wednesday, January 26, 2011

eli's bio

since u guys do not know much bout him,i shall give more info!

                                FULL NAME:Elison Kim Kyong Jae (김경재)
                                STAGE NAME:Eli
                                KPOP GROUP:U-KISS
                                BIRTHDAY: March 13, 1991
                                HEIGHT: 180cm (5"9 ft)
                                WEIGHT: 60 kg
                                BLOOD TYPE: O
                                RELIGION: Christian too bad :(
                                FAMILY MEMBERS:Parents,elder sister,younger sister
                                HOBBIES:Listening music,playing computer,watching movies
                                LANGUAGES SPOKEN: English, Korean and Chinese

ADDITIONAL INFO:Eli grew up in the States and is from Washington D.C. He has practiced Taekwondo for 12 years and went to China to train to become an actor, where he learned martial arts and mandarin. He currently is able to speak Korean, English and Mandarin

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